Good Neighbour Guide

Smiths Lane is a harmonious place to live and be proud of. As you settle in to your new home, please see some helpful tips to be a Good Neighbour at Smiths Lane.


  • Vehicles of any kind are not permitted in your front yard, on footpaths, verges or vacant land. Your driveway can be used to park cars or light utilities but not for long term storage of boats, caravans or containers.
  • To keep thoroughfares clear, trucks or similar vehicles cannot be parked on the roadway for extended periods of time.
  • Trucks, trailers, boats and caravans must be parked off street and out of public view.


  • Front gardens should be kept tidy with grass (including verge) mowed regularly, gardens weeded, and plants thriving for an evergreen look and feel.


  • Rubbish bins should always be kept behind fences or screened from both public and neighbouring allotment views; except for the day of rubbish collection.


  • Clothes drying facilities must be located away from or screened from public view.

Window fittings

  • Homes should be fitted with curtains, blinds or shutters. Please ensure visually prominent security screens (e.g. diamond grills); or vertical blinds are not installed on doors or windows facing any street frontage.
  • Construction

    • Mirvac will be trialling different waste removal systems with home builders to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum and recycled where possible. The aim is to minimise the dumping of material in landfill.
    • During home construction, no rubbish can accumulate on the lot unless stored in a skip or bin and trade vehicles or delivery vehicles must not park on verges, footpaths, nature strips or park reserves.
    • Building materials are not permitted to be delivered or stored on the nature strip or anywhere outside the title boundary.


    • No advertising signage is permitted on either vacant land or an occupied allotment.